The Netherlands Experimental Stroke Alliance (NESA)

NESA is an independent spin-off of the CONTRAST consortium, which aims to provide an environment of continuing and successful stroke research in the Netherlands. This includes basic science studies, which play a fundamental role in the elucidation of pathophysiological mechanisms, the identification of novel diagnostic markers, and the development of new treatments for cerebral ischemia or hemorrhage.


Our mission is to strengthen the experimental stroke research program in the Netherlands.


  1. To provide a platform through which experimental stroke researchers can exchange scientific knowledge, discuss research plans and initiate joint projects;
  2. To organize meetings where young and established stroke investigators can present ongoing studies (from basic science to clinical trials), share ideas and suggest initiatives;
  3. To improve translational stroke research by complying to the highest standards for preclinical studies;
  4. To enhance communication between experimental and clinical stroke researchers for optimal tuning between basic science studies and clinical applications or needs;
  5. To reach out to international colleagues and patient organizations to inform on relevant projects and results.